How LLCs Can Protect Business And Personal Assets

At Liberty Street Estate Planning, we help families and individuals protect their personal assets through estate planning tools such as wills and revocable trusts. However, for individuals with a more complex asset picture, we are able to leverage Tom Greene's insight to protect both their personal and business assets through the formation of a limited liability company (LLC). Tom Greene has served as counsel for many businesses from coast to coast and understands the laws related to business formation in many states.

Why Use LLC Formation For Protection?

One of the vulnerabilities related to being a business owner is rooted in the fact that, if a creditor or a plaintiff in a lawsuit seeks compensation from you personally, he or she may also attempt to go after your business assets to obtain additional money. If you form an LLC properly, we can form a firewall between your personal and business assets.

This strategy is not new, but it requires the input of an experienced attorney to accomplish successfully. Tom Greene will discuss all of your estate planning and asset protection needs during your initial free consultation. He will then discuss which assets you may wish to place in a revocable trust, and which ones are more properly placed in an LLC. He will also advise you which states are most favorable to form your LLC in terms of taxes, fees and state-specific regulations.

Learn More About LLCs And Asset Protection From A Professional

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