Your Guide To Probate And Estate Administration

If a loved one or family member has recently passed away and you have been named their estate administrator, your grief may be compounded by a feeling of overwhelm at the paperwork required to distribute someone's estate. Probate can be a complex process, and ideally you want a skilled attorney at your side to guide you through the maze of procedures and deadlines.

Liberty Street Estate Planning, was founded by Thomas E. Greene III, an accomplished estate planning lawyer and financial consultant. Tom can probate your will and advise you on the best steps to take to get your estate through probate quickly. His deep background in law and finance enables him to provide customized solutions to your probate dilemmas at a competitive rate.

Facts To Know About The Probate Process In Georgia

While probate follows a similar process from state to state, there are important aspects of the law that apply to Georgia in a specific or unique way. For example:

  • In Georgia, an estate may be able to skip probate if the deceased left no will, all the heirs agree how to divide the assets and there are no debts to be paid out of the estate.
  • Creditors have three months after the publication of a notice of probate to submit bills to be paid by the estate.
  • The executor of the estate must keep a careful record of the estate's assets, and provide an annual accounting of what the estate has spent and received.

How Can I Avoid Probate For My Estate?

While you can rely on our firm's experience in probate matters to assist you with your estate administration duties, we can also help you set up or revise your own estate plan to avoid the hassle of probate. Probate avoidance strategies can include:

  • Drafting a strong will that aligns with your other estate documents
  • Creating trust that is revocable to place assets outside of the reach of probate
  • Reviewing your assets with named beneficiaries (e.g. insurance policies) to make sure the transfers will be seamless

We Can Resolve Your Probate Problems

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